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Menopausal Weight Gain: How to Lose the Middle-Age Spread

You’ve reached your 40’s or 50’s and you’re not only gaining years, you are gaining pounds. Life is not fair, is it?! Why have you gained weight and how are you going to lose weight?

The reasons you have gained weight. It’s Not Your Fault.

First, you are in good company. 90% of menopausal women gain weight. Multiple factors contribute to weight gain in the middle-aged woman. Though not an exhaustive discussion, the main reasons are:

  1. Estrogen (& other Hormone) Imbalances – As we approach mid-life, we are beset by hormonal imbalances. Estrogen imbalances cause a shift in weight gain from the hips to the abdomen. The result? A growing waistline. Sound familiar?
  2. Decreased Muscle Mass & A Slower Metabolism – As a middle-aged woman, you can gain weight even when you are not eating more and even when you continue to exercise. As we age, our muscle mass decreases and this decrease in muscle mass results in a slower metabolism. What this means is that we burn fewer calories to maintain our current weight. Not only that, but as we lose muscle, the lost muscle can turn into fat.
  3. Reduced Energy Levels – As we reach middle-age, we simply are not as energetic as we were when we were younger. Our decreased energy level results in less exercise. Our reduced exercise results in increased body fat and weight gain. The heavier we are, the less energetic we are. A vicious cycle, right?

It does help to understand weight gain is normal and to know that we all suffer from the same fate. But that does little for our individual loss of self-esteem and loss of confidence. We still feel like ourselves on the inside and we long to have a more youthful, healthy looking body. Good news! We can and here’s how.

Lose weight. Regain your body. Regain your confidence.

  1. Get More Quality Sleep – If you are not getting enough good quality hours of sleep, your metabolism does not function properly. Your metabolism is actually slower when you are sleep deprived. And many middle-aged women are sleep deprived. As many as 61% of midlife women suffer from some form of insomnia. We suggest Sculpt Away Slender Sleep™ which is a supplement that aids in quality sleep while causing an increase in your fat burning metabolism while you sleep. Consider also complimentary relaxation therapies such as Halotherapy (Salt Room), Infrared Sauna Relaxation Sessions, meditation or yoga.
  2. Find Time for Exercise – Try walking for 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week. Strength training is a must to build and maintain your muscle mass, and to combat osteoporosis.
  3. Alternative Therapies – Meeting your nutritional needs is difficult when you are watching your diet. Adding a quality vitamin & mineral supplement becomes of utmost importance. We suggest Sculpt Away Nutraceutical Daily Packs™, which in addition to providing vitamins and minerals contains phytoestrogenic (estrogen derived from plants) supplements to help balance estrogen levels. You may also want to incorporate lipotropic supplements. Lipotropic supplements contain amino acids and B vitamins, both of which increase your fat burning metabolism. We suggest Sculpt Away Intense Fat Burner™, a lipotropic supplement that also contains both (a) an OTC stimulant for increased energy levels and (b) an appetite suppressant to assist you while you adjust to your new eating habits.
  4. Medical Treatments

Medical Weight (Fat) Loss

We don’t recommend reducing calories to lose weight because you will lose beneficial muscle mass. You want to lose fat. You can lose weight (fat) without losing muscle with the Sculpt Away 30day Fat Burning Diet Plan™, a diet program that trains your brain to burn fat for energy. Consider also adding prescription appetite suppressants to assist in adjusting to your new way of eating.


For those problem areas that will not respond to lifestyle changes, or to jump start the path to a slimmer you, consider the 25-minute fat loss treatment to rid up to 24% of the unwanted fat permanently.

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