Tell Your Body Where To Lose The Fat – Targeted Fat Loss with Sculpsure®

TELL YOUR BODY WHERE TO LOSE THE FAT – Targeted Fat Loss with Sculpsure® in San Antonio at Sculpt Away!

I had the best dream! I dreamed I found a genie in a bottle and I got 3 wishes.

I smiled imagining the magic, closed my eyes tightly and with passion I said, “I wish I could tell my body where to lose the fat.” Then I woke up.

Haven’t we all wished we could make the fat in at least one area of our body (like on our abs, hips, arms or thighs) disappear? The truth is you do not have to find a genie in a bottle to get that wish granted. Thanks to recent advances in medical technology, we can tell our body where to lose the fat.

In 2015, the FDA cleared the way for Sculpsure®. Sculpsure® permanently eliminates up to 24% of the fat in your problem area in just one treatment.

You can achieve ‘whole body’ fat loss on your own.

You cannot ‘spot-reduce’ or achieve ‘targeted fat loss’ on your own.

Doesn’t it seem that fat seems to melt off certain areas of your body but stubbornly clings to other parts? That’s why so many of us have been tempted by infomercial devices or fad diets that claim to spot reduce. Scientific and medical studies consistently prove you cannot achieve targeted fat reduction, by diet and/or exercise. No matter how much you wish, the body just does not work that way.

Without the assistance of medical technology, our basic physiology prevents targeted fat loss. The fat contained in fat cells exists in a form called triglycerides. Our body cannot use triglycerides directly as fuel. Triglycerides must be broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids, which enter the bloodstream to be used as fuel for muscles. When the muscles use it, it’s released as heat – that’s why it’s known as burning fat. Bad news. This won’t lead to a targeted shrinking of that problem area. These fats get broken down from all over the body rather than a targeted area of the body.

Your gender and your genetics determine where you gain and lose fat.

Where you lose fat really depends on your gender and on your genetic profile. Regarding the role of gender, women, generally, have higher levels of body fat than men. Women store body fat from the waist down while men tend to store body fat in the abdominal region. When women lose body fat, that fat tends to be lost first from the hips and thighs. Conversely, men lose abdominal fat first.

I know. You’re thinking that does not describe you. That’s because they’re generalities. Genetics help us to further define these generalities. Bottom line. You get your body from your mother. Where you store fat and how much fat you store can be attributed to your genetics by a whopping 56%. Genetics largely determine where we lose body fat first and last.

No genie in a bottle needed. Scientifically proven to destroy up to 24% of the unwanted fat in a treatment area in just one treatment, Sculpsure® grants your wish to tell your body where to lose the fat. The destroyed fat cells are gone and gone for good and you won’t produce new ones. Problem area no more! And even better – Sculpsure® treatments involve no surgery or downtime and take only 25 minutes.

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