Best Vitamin Supplements for Weight Loss and Detox – A Simple Guide

To look our best on the outside, we need to treat our body right on the inside. Did you know that more than 70% of us (Americans) don’t meet our daily nutritional needs? We try, but with our busy lifestyles, the processed foods we eat and the increasing amount of stress on our bodies, we have to rely on the health benefits from vitamin, mineral, herb and phytonutrient supplements.

Have you ever noticed just how many vitamin supplement choices line the shelves? Follow this simple guide to choose the best for you.

#1 Avoid Synthetic Man-Made Products

Avoid synthetic man-made products. Your body has problems recognizing these man-made replacements and won’t use them efficiently, if at all. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs are not synthetic.

#2 Choose Whole Food Supplements

Choose whole food supplements derived from raw, whole foods and natural substances. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs are made in the USA from whole foods, herbs and plants.

#3 Key Basic Ingredients

Check for these key basic ingredients for beneficial vitamin and mineral supplements.

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin D-3

Vitamin E

Vitamin B group (including Niacin)

Folic Acid











Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Pack contains all of these basic key ingredients.

#4 Ingredients for Weight Loss and Detoxification

Be selective. Choose the vitamin/mineral supplement to meet all your needs.

Fruit & Vegetable Phytonutrients – supplement your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It’s like ‘juicing’ in a pill! According to WebMD, vegetable supplements help you lose weight. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs contain a proprietary blend of 42 fruits & vegetables.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – studies show a connection between alpha lipoic acid and weight loss. ALA has been found to increase metabolism, suppress the appetite and encourage fat burning. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Packs contain ALA complex.

GLA Complex – helps with weight loss and skin tone. Increases metabolism and suppresses appetite. Hydrates skin to prevent sagging after weight loss. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs contain GLA complex.

CLA Complex – encourages fat burning and builds lean muscle mass. CLA complex also reduces your appetite. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs contain CLA complex.

Plant Enzyme Complex – enzymes are destroyed by cooking & microwaving plant based foods. Enzymes slow down the aging process so consuming more enzymes should help turn back the clock. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs contain Plant Enzyme complex.

Wheat Grass – some experts claim that Wheat Grass contains more than 100 elements people need. Wheat Grass boosts metabolism, rebuilds tissue, detoxifies the body, helps regulate blood sugar and reduces inflammation. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs contain Wheat Grass Powder.

Spirulina Algae – one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Among its multiple benefits, Spirulina Algae increases energy and promotes weight loss and fat burning. Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs contain Spirulina Algae.

Designed to “supplement beauty,” Sculpt Away’s Nutraceutical Daily Packs are packed many with more weight loss and detox supplements such as Gotu Kola Powder, Safflower, Apple Pectin, Chlorophyll, Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Sage, Red Raspberry Powder, Wild Yam, Echinacea and many more.

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