Ultimate Military Tape Test Measurement Shortcuts: Say NO to the Fat Boy Program

To all US Military men and women, we at Sculpt Away salute you and appreciate your (and your family’s) service to our country. We know that being a member of the United States Armed Forces carries tremendous responsibilities and job requirements. We realize that to prosper in the military, you must maintain strength, agility, mental toughness and perhaps the most challenging of all – a healthy weight and body composition and a certain waist measurement. That’s where we can help. We focus on assisting you to achieve the waist measurement you need to pass your upcoming PT, PRT, PFT or BCA Tape Test.

Ideally, we suggest starting these shortcuts three months (12 weeks) before your tape test. But don’t worry if you don’t have three months. We have shortcut solutions for anywhere from a few weeks before to a few days before your test.

How much time do you have?

Countdown to Tape Test


4-12 weeks before   

We suggest a permanent fat loss solution to the measured area.

Don’t stress about it again. No need to worry the next time your tape test comes around when you destroy the fat for good this time. Choose the ultimate fat-fighting weapon, Sculpsure®. It’s a one- treatment procedure that destroys up to 24% of the fat in the treated area in just one 25-minute treatment.

No surgery. No downtime. No restrictions.

4 weeks before or less

We recommend a series of Tape Test Belly Burner Wrap Combo™ treatments. For maximum inch loss, the Tape Test Belly Burner Wrap Combo™ combines the Lipo-Contour Body Wraps™ with the powerful InfraRed Sauna.

(1) The Lipo-Contour Body Wrap™ sculpts your belly in two ways. First, the niacin-based cream used in the wrap ruptures the superficial fat cells and releases the fat, toxins and excess fluids. The niacin accelerates the elimination of the fat, fluid and toxins by increasing your lymphatic flow. The plastic wrap shapes and sculpts the area. The pressure from the wrap accelerates the inch loss by stimulating detoxification and speeding elimination of fat and fluids from the body.

(2) The second component of the treatment, the InfraRed Sauna is much different treatment than a regular heat sauna. The infrared light waves increase your metabolism, promote fat elimination and burn up to 600 calories per session.

We recommend weekly treatments until your tape test. You may remain hydrated during The Tape Test Belly Burner Wrap Combo™ treatment series because it works by flushing fats and excess fluids from your body. In some cases when time is of the absolute essence, we may employ the Lipo-Slimming Body Wrap™  to shrink your waist size by dehydrating your cells.

A few days before

Tape Test Tactical™ body sculpting wrap kit

Sculpt your waist at home with this at-home body wrap kit. Benefits everyone, regardless of how soon you start preparing. Sculpt at home every day before your test.

A Sculpt Away original, Tape Test Tactical™ is designed specifically for maximum targeted inch loss. Do all you can! This kit contains all the materials you need for 3-5 targeted wraps.

Contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051 for more information about losing inches from your waist or visit www.SculptAway.com to learn more.

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