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You don’t want liposuction. You want a slimmer, firmer, smoother and shapelier body so you choose the best non-surgical fat reduction treatment available – Sculpsure™ and/or the best non-surgical skin tightening treatment available – RadioFrequency Tissue Tightening. You want fast and easy results. Did you know that you can (and should) boost and accelerate your results? How? You get the very best results when you combine treatment modalities. Combining treatment modalities means combining your traditional medical treatment with holistic therapies, eastern therapies and/or medical products.

The body shaping experts at Sculpt Away bring you many options to enhance your results. Some of these options include natural therapies, internal nutrients and supplements and topical products and treatments.

Nutrients & Supplements

Metabolize Fat, Boost Energy, Combat Aging, Beauty Enhancing

Intense Fat Burner™

This product contains lipotropic agents which assist your body in burning fat; essential fatty acids such as GLA and CLA to promote firm, youthful looking skin; Vitamin C, avital antioxidant; and COQ10, which provides an energy boost; Garcinia Cambogia, a plant derivative that boosts your body’s ability to burn fat, suppresses your appetite and provides energy; and several other beneficial supplements.

Slender Sleep™

This supplement promotes deep sleep and increased fat burning while you sleep. Packed with six different amino acids, this supplement provides your body with super fat metabolism. It also contains bovine colostrum, said to slow aging, elevate the mood, promote deep sleep and improve athletic performance.

Nutraceutical Daily Pack™

Packs containing seven different daily tablets provide youth building, fat & cellulite busting, and skin, hair & nail health. Each pack contains pure forms of micronutrients such as multi-vitamins, minerals, calcium and omega fatty acids. And get the added benefit of juicing daily – each pack contains phytonutrients, from fresh plants, fruits and vegetables. The pack contains valuable herbs and supplements to enhance beauty and turn up metabolism.

Slim Shot™

Enjoy this super charged fat burning, energy boosting blend to “drink” at Sculpt Away’s Rejuvenation Bar™. Loaded with B vitamins for energy, amino acids to increase fat burning metabolism, substances to control both glucose and cholesterol levels and ingredients that elevate the mood.

Topical Products

Reduce Fat & Cellulite and Nourish & Repair Skin

Lipo-Sculpt Slimming Gel™

This gel is scientifically formulated with active ingredients to assist in the elimination of subcutaneous and superficial fatty deposits, It increased circulation and provides a slimming effect while leaving the skin smooth, contoured and firm.

Cellu-Sculpt Firm + Repair™

A powerful firming, smoothing & toning lotion designed to correct & prevent imperfections of cellulite and to diminish & prevent stretch marks. This product has the ability to penetrate multiple cell layers to stimulate production of new cells. It provides intense hydration, vitamins & nutrients needed to eliminate fat and waste materials that contributes to cellulite & flaccid skin. It restores the skin’s ability to repair.

Crepe Away ™

This body lotion firms, hydrates & smooths. It contains the powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Lactic Acid, which exfoliates your skin leaving behind new, healthy cells. This product is the best single weapon against crepey, flaccid skin.

Cellu C Cup™

This quick, easy & effective do-it-yourself therapy firms, tones & smooths the body. It breaks down subcutaneous and superficial fat and detoxifies the body by increasing lymphatic and vascular circulation. This at-home treatment tightens the skin by stimulating collagen & elastin.

Natural Therapies

Enhance Circulation, Increase Metabolism & Lymphatic Drainage, and Burn Calories

InfraRed Sauna

Healing light energy not visible to the human eye. Not a steam sauna. InfraRed light penetrates our bodies and provides many benefits. The InfraRed Sauna’s Detoxification Program promotes weight loss, cellulite reduction, fat loss and improves general health. The Weight Loss Program increases metabolism burning up to 600 calories per session. The Cardio Program provides cardiovascular benefits similar to that of an intense cardio workout.

Lipo-Contour Body Wrap™

A holistic therapy. The Lipo-Contour Body Wrap™ contains 100% natural ingredients to flush toxins, excess fat, fluids and waste from your body. Super detoxifying treatment to improve the entire body.


Formerly a secret known only to celebrities and professional athletes, this total vibration platform takes only ten minutes. Each workout forces your body’s core muscles to involuntarily contract and relax at a very rapid rate, 25-35 times per second. Compare that rate to that of weight lifting, 1-2 times per second. The Vibe-Away™ enhances circulation, burns fat, leads to cellulite reduction, tones & firms muscles, decreases the stress hormone cortisol, improves balance and increases bone density.

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