Kybella® The Double Chin Eraser

By now you’ve probably heard of Kybella®, the injectable treatment that melts away double chin fat. But did you know that the fat destroyed by Kybella® is permanent? That’s right! Those fat cells destroyed by Kybella® are gone for good!

Before Kybella®, Liposuction was the only treatment to eliminate a double chin. Not everyone was willing to undergo a surgical procedure and deal with the pain, the recovery time and the risk. So a non-surgical fat melter is really a big deal.

How does Kybella® melt away the double chin?

Kybella® is a patented synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that occurs naturally in our bodies. In our bodies, the molecule helps metabolize dietary fat. In the Kybella® treatment, the molecule destroys the fat cell membrane causing the destruction of the fat cell.

Sign me up! What will my Kybella® treatment be like?

The treatment involves several micro-injections to a small area under the chin. The injections are completed in less than 2 or 3 minutes and most patients consider the injections quite tolerable. There is an inflammatory component immediately following the injections. And there may be some swelling and some tenderness for a few days because the body is cleaning up cellular debris. The inflammation is beneficial because it causes the skin in the treated area to contract and tighten.

Sounds good. Can I use Kybella® to treat other areas?

Not yet. As of now, Kybella® has been approved for melting fat in the double chin area only.

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