Build Muscle, Lose Fat and No Exercise Required

If you go to a gym or spend any time surfing social media, you’ve likely heard about EMS, Electro Magnetic Muscle Contraction, and it’s connection to fat loss. Can you can believe these claims? ...

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5 Reasons you should choose SculpSure at Sculpt Away In San Antonio,TX

SculpSure in San Antonio provided by Sculpt Away a number on ranked Sculpsure med spa in the world. We take great effort and much discrimination in selecting the medical technologies we offer to...

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Some words about Body Image after 40 and Why it’s Okay to Take Steps to Feel Better about Yourself

In our world of size 2 models, picture-perfect twentyish influencers, and expected perfection, it’s no wonder we feel insecure about our bodies.  And after 40?  Forget it!   It’s hard to keep your ...

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The Lymphatic System: Your ‘Other’ Circulatory System

 Check out our Lymphatic System video to learn more.

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11 Unexpected Reasons Why You Feel Hungry

 Are you ever frustrated thinking you feel hungry more often than you should?  It’s not just you.  Learn about the physiological bases for being hungry...and how you can reduce your hunger. True...

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Eat Clean Stay Lean What the heck is clean eating, anyway?

You want to lose weight.  What advice do you hear?  “Just eat clean.”  Haven’t you seen and heard about clean eating everywhere... from your FaceBook feed to the celebs in People magazine to new co...

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