Kybella® The Double Chin Eraser

By now you’ve probably heard of Kybella®, the injectable treatment that melts away double chin fat. But did you know that the fat destroyed by Kybella® is permanent? That’s right! Those fat cells d...

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San Antonio SculpSure, Lipo Laser, Zerona Laser, i-Lipo, Confusing, Isn’t It?

“Drop a dress size or two and lose weight with Laser Fat Treatment!”  “Get half off on your Laser Fat Removal!  Call us to lose 6 inches and 30 pounds!” You’ve heard the claims.  They are not only ...

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Brown Spots and Wrinkles and Sagging Skin, Oh My!

Follow the Skin Healing Road in San Antonio Attention!  All the baby oil and iodine baskers of the 20th century -  the truth is out!  A healthy tan does not exist.  All of us sun worshippers of ...

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Kybella® Double Chin Injection in San Antonio

Dolores takes care of herself.  She watches what she eats, tries to stay active, gets regular facials and dresses fashionably.  She has used injectables in the past but does not get regular treatme...

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Sculpsure®, 25 minute Fat Reduction: the Coolsculpting® Alternative in San Antonio

You have probably heard of Coolsculpting® for non-surgical fat reduction.  It’s been around a while.  And you may have heard that the Coolsculpting® treatments can be quite painful, both during tre...

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Liposuction Alternatives

You decided it’s time to improve your body – and you need something more than just diet and exercise. So you start your research about non-surgical fat reduction treatments. You find so many option...

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